b. 1987, China

“Zheng Chi was once a hot-tempered artist, as implied in her Chinese name [Note: Chi meaning Swift]. Her paintings used to be big and wild. Now she is quite settled, painting her own dreams meticulously. There are black horses, twisted flowers, fairy-like girls, as well as gathered dark clouds. These symbols show that she is still somewhere distant, longing for moving landscapes.


I always hold that art is not only a profession, but also a religion. Life is driven by time. We can never return to childhood and use “what if…”. We have to accept what life forces onto us. In art, however, we can revive our childhood with these little canvases and retake the old road. Only this time, we can avoid the path of thorns. We can see Zheng Chi herself in her paintings, in her own path. The winding path is designated by flowers. Through it is dark, it belongs to dreams, with overhead clouds. As her friends, we will take the bypasses, for this bypasses, for this surreal road only belongs to Zheng Chi.”

— He Duoling

Education and Qualifications

1997: graduated from the affiliated middle school of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
2001: graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts – Bachelor’s Degree in Oil Painting
2007: pursued a master’s degree in Southwest University for Nationalities
Member of the Sichuan Fine Arts Association
Southwest University for Nationalities College of Fine Arts – Lecturer


Awards, Exhibitions and Publications

  • 《Setting each other off beautifully》won the third prize of art, calligraphy, photography exhibition of Sichuan Province fourth Ethnic Minority Arts Festival in October, 2002.
  • 《Two girls》 selected in Sichuan Province new work exhibition, independently writing, published in《Contemporary artists》in November ,2002. 2/2003 page 75
  • 《The Green》was selected in Sichuan Province art exhibition and won the outstanding award on July,2004
  • 《The dance in the silent ground》won the third prize of art, calligraphy, photography exhibition of Sichuan Province fourth Ethnic Minority Arts Festival in October, 2002.
  • 《The Relations》participated in the 2008 Chengdu Spring Art Salon Exhibition
  • 《Through》、《Rhapsody》participated in 2009 Fifth Chinese cultural and Arts Festival Invitation Exhibition in song village.
  • 《Rhapsody》 participated in the Chengdu province 2010 International Contemporary New Artist
  • 《Angel’s Wings》participated in 2010 Beijing 798 Bridge Gallery Exhibition.
  • 《Undercurrents》 《Gone with the wind》participated in 2010 MuXiangDi Chinese contemporary six female artists exhibition
  • 《Clear》 《Treasured Sunshine》 participated in 2012 Chengdu Spring Art Salon Exhibition
  • 《LIGHT CHASER — ZHENG CHI AND HER FRIENDS》2012 Chengdu Bluetooth Art Museum Group Exhibition
  • 2012 Nanjing new star art festival, Best New Artist Award
  • 《Undercurrents – Zheng Chi Personal Exhibition》